How to Fix Common Skype Screensharing Problems?


Screen sharing feature in Skype is considered very useful for numerous purposes. However, due to some unknown technical issues, many users are unable to share the screen and experience different problems while doing so. To get rid of such issues, it is important to ascertain the problem causing an error in Skype for screen sharing. In this post, we will discuss different problems experienced by users and provide solution accordingly.

Problem 1:  Graying of Screen Sharing Option

If you are facing the problem of Screen sharing option being grayed, then it is suggested to make sure you are into voice or video call with the person with whom you want to share the screen. If you are not in a voice or video call, you will not be able to access the screen sharing option, and thus it will be grayed out.

Problem 2: Unable to Share Screen Even After Being in a Call

In case you are in a voice or video call and the problem of screen sharing still persists, you need to make sure that you and the person with whom you are on line using the version of Skype which supports the option of screen sharing. Moreover, it is best that if you both use the latest version of Skype.

Problem 3: Screen Getting Frozen or Blank

In case the screen of your Skype or the persona you are calling is getting blank or frozen, check that you have access to enough bandwidth to enable screen sharing. Also, close all applications that may be consuming the bandwidth of your internet, and causing freezing or blank screen.

Problem 4: You Can Share Screen but the Recipient Can’t

In such situation where you are able to share the screen and the recipient isn’t, it may be the problem of using an older version of Skype which doesn’t support screen sharing feature. Ask the recipient to install the latest version of Skype.

Problem 5: Screen Appears Distorted to the Recipient

In such cases, make sure the recipient is having the latest version of Skype and also have enough bandwidth to let Skype perform to its maximum capacity.

If the above solutions don’t resolve your issues or you are facing some other kind of issues while sharing the screen in Skype, you can contact Skype customer support. Other than the Skype support, you can get in touch with us as well. Our team of experts is well-versed with Skype related issues and possesses enough skill and experience to tackle them. Our team is available round the clock, so you can ask for our assistance anytime and from anywhere. We are always just a call away from you.

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