How to Deal with Upload a Photo of Yourself Facebook Problem?

upload photo facebook problem

Facebook often wants its users to confirm themselves by uploading a picture of their face. While doing that many people have complained about having an issue that prevents them from completing the task. This blog, particularly, talks about getting rid of the ‘upload a photo of yourself Facebook problem’.

Before going ahead with the troubleshooting steps to do away with the existing Facebook problem, it is important to know why Facebook would do that now if it didn’t ask you anything while creating an account back then. Let’s unearth some of the reasons and know what you should do to avoid the issue.

Reasons Why Facebook Want You to Upload a Photo of Yourself Facebook Problem

Are you making the following mistakes? If yes, you need to stop doing that.

  • Fake Name or Fake Profile: If you are, by any chance, using a fake name or have created a fake profile to promote your business, Facebook will intimate you to refrain from the actions. Using a fake name or a fake profile is against Facebook’s Terms of Use.
  • Friend Requests to Unknown People: Sending out friend requests to unknown people will trigger the Company to take instant action against the person who is doing it. That’s why every time you try to send a friend request to someone on Facebook, it will display a message to confirm whether you know the person that you are sending a request to. So, just don’t do it.
  • Violating Terms of Use: You have done anything that is against Facebook’s Terms of Use despite repeated warning; your account can be in grave danger. While posting comments or sending friend requests or uploading images or any such thing that you shouldn’t do, you must not do that.
  • Someone Reported You: When someone reports your account or profile to Facebook for anything that you shouldn’t have done, the social media platform will ensure you are a genuine person, not a fake one or bot. Do not indulge in any such activity that would lead someone to report you.


You would like to adhere to Facebook’s commands and upload a photo of yourself. When you try uploading, you come across a certain error that wouldn’t let you complete the job. Here are some troubleshooting tips that you should consider trying your hands at.

  1. Resize and Flip Photo: When you violate the Terms and Conditions of Facebook, you will receive warnings. It never remains the same again. So, you need to upload a photo of yourself. If it shows some error, you must consider resizing it. You need to resize and flip the photo and upload it again. It works for many. If you are lucky enough, it might work for you as well.
  2. Restart Web Browser: Maybe, it is a browser problem. You need to restart the browser. Think of clearing cache files and cookies or any third-party extensions. These elements must be the reason why you are not able to upload a photo. Even after doing that it doesn’t work, change the browser.
  3. Change Photo Format from JPG to PNG: Are you trying to upload a picture of yourself that is in JPG format? You have reshaped the size, changed the browser, and it is time to change the format. Converting it to PNG format should solve the problem. Make sure your face is visible. Upload it and then wait for a couple of days or a week till you see the change.
  4. Change Color Tone and Resize it on Export: If you are exporting your photo, make sure the size is perfect and the color tone is amazing. When you are sure that the photo is just great and good to go, upload it.

If you need any technical assistance to deal with this issue, you may reach out to certified technicians via Facebook Customer Support Number. The professionals are available round-the-clock.