Unable To Setup and Configure the Hp Printer in the Right Way

Getting desired print job results can be very nasty if there is something wrong with the setup and the configuration of the HP Printer. This article will help you to setup and configure your HP printer so that you have the cheap and cheerful experience instead of the cheap and nasty.

Remember the points below if you are supposed to setup a new HP printer.

  1. All wires and cables, especially the USB cable and the power cord must be firmly connected to their respective ports.
  2. Ensure sufficient papers in the supply tray.
  3. You must always use the HP genuine cartridges.
  4. Remove the existing printer from the system. Uninstall the respective drivers and packages.
  5. In the case of wireless and network printer, ensure proper stable connections.
  6. Make sure there shouldn’t be any sudden power loss during the installation of the HP printer as sudden power loss can damage the printer and the ink cartridges. You must connect the HP printer to the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).
  7. Don’t forget to use the surge protector.

Installation of HP Printer Driver

Initially, it is mandatory to install the HP printer drivers otherwise you won’t be able to complete any of the print jobs properly.

  1. Visit the HP support centre https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers
  2. Provide the product name or serial number or the product number.
  3. Download the printer driver as per the operating system installed in your system. However, it will auto detect everything.
  4. Install the printer driver carefully. Follow the on-screen information.
  5. You must be connected to an active network connection to activate the HP printer.
  6. You will be asked to scan the automated test print page to verify the colours.
  7. HP printers are the smart printers and it will configure most of the things on its own but you can still customize it from the settings button on the HP printer.
  8. Try to print a page of your choice to verify that printer is working perfectly fine.

If in the case you see faded print or ink getting split then you must uninstall the HP cartridges and reinstall it again. If the problem persists then, make sure that the ink cartridges you are using are supported by your HP printer. You can also try to clean the print head by the settings menu on the HP printer. If you are still stuck with the problem then contact our dedicated Certified HP Printer Technical support customer care for the quick support and the prompt resolution.

How to Prevent Paper Jam Issue In HP Printer?


Paper Jam is the terminology used when the paper or other media is stuck inside the printer and it doesn’t work until you remove the paper manually from the printer. Paper Jam is of two types. It can be real or can be false as well. The solution to the real and the fake paper jam is the same.

Caution: Jammed paper must be removed always from the rear access. Never try to remove the jammed paper from the front access. It may damage your printer.

Follow the steps below if you encounter a paper jam situation.

  1. Turn off the HP Printer and find out the rear access to it.
  2. Disconnect the power cord so that rollers can move freely without any restriction.
  3. Open the rear access door.
  4. Verify that rollers can run freely. You can clean the rollers with soft cotton.
  5. Now, remove the jammed paper very carefully.
  6. Remove the entire papers from the supply tray and discard the damaged papers from the supply tray and then reload the papers.
  7. Reinstall the rear access door and connect the power cord again.
  8. Turn on the printer and see whether it is fine or not. If the paper jam is still there then, follow the steps from 9.
  9. Disconnect the power cord again and remove the entire papers.
  10. Open the door where cartridges are installed.
  11. You must see four metal pressure rollers, verify that there is no paper debris or anything stuck inside it.
  12. Reconnect the power cord.
  13. Refill the supply tray and give a print command to see if the problem persists.

To prevent the paper jam situation you must the following things in your mind.

  1. Always use the fine quality papers. Always use the same kind of papers in the supply tray.
  2. Make sure that there is no sudden power failure.
  3. Keep the printer at a safe, dry & cool place.
  4. Always use genuine HP cartridges.
  5. Don’t use cheap & nasty power cord and USB cables.

If you can’t get rid of the paper jam situation or don’t know how to open the rear access or dealing with the metal pressure rollers, don’t try it on your own. You must call the technician to do the same as it may damage the printer and void the warranty. You can always contact our certified HP technicians on our toll-free Hp Printer Support Phone number for the complete solution to the paper jam situation.

How to Deal With Common HP Printer Errors?

Like any other printer brand, HP Printers are also known for coming up with numerous common errors. Most of these common errors are a result of inadequate care and maintenance. For optimal performance, it is necessary to take proper care and maintenance of your printer. Generally, some issues are specific to a particular type of printer which can be either inkjet or laser. While some of the errors can be fixed easily with a little know-how, for major issues, you may need to ask for professional help. Below we have listed some of the common HP printer errors that can be easily fixed by a user.

Guide to Fix Common HP Printer Errors

Before moving to the list of errors, always make sure that there is no problem with Power, Paper, and Connection of your printer. Ensure that your printer is properly plugged, it has paper and is properly connected.

1.) Paper Jams


If you are having paper jam issue in your HP printer, follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

• Look for foreign objects in your printer and get rid of them.
• Ensure that papers are loaded appropriately and are not damaged, torn or wrinkled.
• Make sure that the access door is closed securely.
• Make sure that the tray doesn’t contain multiple types of paper.
• The printer is stationed on a flat surface
• Restart the printer after performing above steps. The problem should be fixed.

2.) Printing Taking a Lot of Time


• High-resolution printing takes more time. If not required a high-quality print, you can select a standard or low-quality printing option in your printer.
• Increase the memory of your computer to speed up printing rate.

3.) No Printing or Unable to Print


• Make sure that you have given the command to the right printer in case you have multiple printers connected.
• Check if you have sufficient paper in the tray and you have selected the right type of paper.
• Restart your printer and see if the problem is solved.

4.) Poor Quality Prints


• Ensure that you have selected the right media and paper type for the print.
• Check if the paper loaded in the tray matches the paper type selected in the printer driver.
• Check for any damaged toner cartridges, fuser or imaging units.
• Try printing a test page.

So these are some of the common HP Printer problems that many users experience. For any other issue, feel free to contacts our customer support team. As a fervent HP Printer technical support team service provider, we assure to serve you with the most appropriate solution for all your HP printer related problems.

To contacts us:

• Give us a call on our 24-hour toll-free number.
• Send us an email for your query
• Have an instant chat with our expert via live chat support.

How to Fix Driver Installation Problem in HP Printer?

Like any other Printer, HP printer also requires additional driver software to function. Your computer will only be able to give the command to the printer when it has driver software installed for the HP Printer. Generally, you get an installation CD in your HP Printer box. You just need to run that CD and follow the on-screen instructions to install driver software. However, if you are having a problem installing HP Printer driver, follow the guide mentioned below.

Steps to Fix Driver Software Installation Problem in HP Printer

1.) First, you will need to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable connecting your computer and printer. Wait for five seconds before re-connecting the cable. You can use a new USB cable in case the wire is faulty.


2.) Remove other USB devices temporarily that are connected to the computer. Now, you will need to reset your HP printer. For that, turn ON you printer and wait until it gets silent and idle.


3.) After that, disconnect the power cord from the printer and then from the wall outlet. Wait for a minute before plugging the cord back to the power and printer.


4.) Turn ON your printer, if it does not start automatically. You may notice your printer’s light flashing and carriage moving which is absolutely common. Consider this as a warm-up period of your printer and wait until your printer is silent and idle.


5.) If you notice that installation process is automatically continuing, you need not troubleshoot anything. However, if installation doesn’t start, you will need to restart the installation process.


6.) If the problem still persists, you will need to refresh the Windows Device Manager. For that, go to the Device Manager and locate your Printer in the list.


7.) If there is Yellow exclamation mark next to your HP printer, uninstall the driver. If there is no Yellow exclamation mark, then simply right click on your printer and click on the option Update Driver Software.


8.) Now when the installation wizard appears, click on the Search automatically for updated driver software option. Follow the on-screen instructions to refresh the Device Manager. You will need to do this for the device entries with Yellow sign error. The problem should be fixed.


9.) If the problem is not yet fixed, you will need to uninstall the HP driver software applications and remove unnecessary files and folders (disk clean up). Then disable the programs running in the background by clicking on the Hide all Microsoft services under the System Configuration Windows > General > Selective Startup > Services.


10.) Finally, Reinstall the HP driver software by downloading it from the manufacturer’s website. Then, Enable Startup programs that you deactivated. You can now start using your HP Printer.


If you need any further assistance, contact our customer support team straight away. We are a front runner third party HP Printer support service provider having ample excellence and proficiency in handling different HP printer related problems.

Our services are available 24 by 7 via our toll-free number, email support, and live chat support. Feel free to contact us anytime, from anywhere, for any query. You will always find us more than ready to assist you.