How to Fix Network Connectivity Issue With Lexmark Printer?


Lexmark is one of the leading printer manufacturing brands in the world, but this does not make the Lexmark Printers secure against some of the common issues that all other brand printers suffer from. One of such issues includes network connectivity error. The problem of network connectivity in Lexmark Printer prevents it from communicating with computers for printing jobs. The complexity of this issue lies in identifying the exact cause responsible for this problem. In order to fix this issue, you need to follow the below mentioned guide.

Guide to Fix Network Connectivity Problems with Lexmark Printer

1.) It is suggested to start by performing some preliminary tests which include:

  • Ensuring that Ethernet cable is properly plugged into the port on your Lexmark printer.

  • Ensuring that network cable and connector is not tampered.

  • Ensuring that LED of the Link is illuminated.
  • Checking that all the wireless clients are communicating on the same network or SSID.

2.) Once verified everything mentioned above, check if your printer is connected to more than one computer at the same time without using wireless networking or Ethernet. If it is, your printer will be unable to function properly as some Lexmark Printers have both parallel and USB ports and many users try to connect it with multiple computers via these ports.

3.) The problem can also arise if your printer is running low on ink, toner, and paper. The problem can also be caused if any paper jam occurs. It is best to fix this issue first and then checks if the connectivity issue gets fixed automatically.

4.) Sometimes, the problem may also lie in the printer driver. Although Windows and other OS provide automatic updates for Lexmark printers, in case if it is not, you can manually install drivers from the control panel and check if the connectivity issue is fixed.

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Instant Support For Lexmark Printer Spooler Problem


Before you get into fixing any laser printer problem, it is important to know the symptoms. If you are noticing the following problems in your Lexmark Printer, then it is generally caused due to issues with your printer’s Spooler. These problems include:

  • No printing signal
  • Printer shocking
  • Stopped error with 0x
  • Laser printers manager error

While there can be other reasons also causing these problems, but chances of Spooler being the main cause is because of it being on the high risk of getting infected by viruses and different malicious software on your computer. To help you fix spooler problem in your Lexmark Printer instantly, follow these measures:

Measures to Fix Spooler Problem in Lexmark Printer

1.) Right click on the Local Disk (C:) and select Properties.

2.) Under Properties tab, click on Disk Cleanup and wait until the process g gets completed. However, remember to select the files you don’t need to free space on your computer. Then click OK to start the cleanup process.

3.) Now, go to Windows Start button and select Control Panel from the menu. Click on Administrative Tools under Control Panel

4.) Next, locate Print Spooler from the list by scrolling down.

5.) Now, you will need to stop and restart Print Spooler either by:

  • Clicking on Print Spooler and the selecting Stop or Start button on the right-hand side of the window or
  • You can double click on Print Spooler and then click on the Stop button followed by Start

You can verify the Spooler is Stopped or Started by observing it under the Status column in the Service accordingly.

Performing the above function will help you reset the Spooler back to its default settings. If the problem is still not resolved after following these instructions, it is best to take assistance from an expert.

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How to Install Printer Driver & Software in Lexmark Printer?


In order to prepare your Lexmark printer for printing (for the first time), you need to install the printer driver and software. If you bought a new printer; you would have got an installation CD with the printer. You just need to follow the instruction as mentioned to install the software from the CD. However, in case you bought a second-hand piece, you may not get an installation CD with the printer. In such case, you can easily download and install the driver and software from the official website of Lexmark. Below we have discussed both the ways to prepare your Lexmark printer for the first time use.

Steps to Install Printer Driver and Software in Lexmark Printer

Method 1: Installation through CD

1.) First, close down all the software applications that are running.

2.) Now, insert the printer driver software CD in the CD-ROM. Wait until it loads.

3.) After it appears in the Windows Explorer, double-click the CD icon. The installer dialog will display. Double-click the Install icon.

4.) Click OK after completing the authentication notice. You will be guided through the introduction.

5.) Click Continue for Readme Files and License agreement when asked.

6.) Select your preferred language from the pop-up menu located at the top. Click Continue and then click Agree.

7.) Select the operating system that you are using as the destination where the printer driver software will be installed. Click Continue.

8.) Finally, Click on Install and wait until the process completes. Once completed, you can start using your Lexmark Printer.

Method 2: Installation through Website

1.) Visit the official website of Lexmark.

2.) Browse through the menu selection on the home page, and then click on option Drivers & Downloads.

3.) Now, Select the printer model and printer driver for your operating system.

4.) Download the driver by following the on-screen instruction. Once downloaded, install the printer software by following instructions.

5.) Once the installation process is completed, restart your PC and Printer. Now, you can start using your Lexmark printer.

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Having Trouble with Lexmark Printer Configuration


Are you having trouble in configuration of your Lexmark Printer? Here are two different ways of setting the printer IP address which is attached to a network. You can do this either through the Printer Selection dialog box or through the Configure Network Printer Dialog Box. Steps for both are described here:

Configuring Printer through Printer Selection Dialog Box

  • Open Lexmark P910 Series Utility by double-clicking the Lexmark P910 Series folder from your desktop.
  • From the menu bar, select ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Click on ‘Select Printer’ and a printer selection dialog box will appear.
  • Find you printer in the list, select it and click on ‘Configure.’ This will open the Configure Network Printer dialog box. Follow the steps below in this box:
    • Assign an IP address to your printer (steps for assigning IP address are given at the end of this post.)
    • Click ‘OK’ and you will be back on the Printer selection box.
  • Now select your printer from the list.
  • Click ‘Select.’ This will start the configuration process.

Configuring Printer through Configure Network Printer Dialog Box

  • Open Lexmark P910 Series Utility.
  • Select ‘Advanced’ from the menu bar.
  • Select ‘Network Printer Configuration’ option to open the Network Printer Configuration dialog box.
  • Select your printer from the list and click ‘Configure.’ Do this on the ‘Configure Network Printer’ screen:
    • Provide an IP address to your network printer (steps are provided at the end of this post.) You can contact your Network administrator in case of difficulty.
    • Click Ok.
  • Select your printer from the list on Printer selection screen in case you want to configure another printer.
  • Click ‘Done’ to complete the configuration process.
 Steps for Assigning IP Address to Network Printer

·        Open the Utility of Lexmark P910 Series.

·        Choose ‘Advanced’ from the menu bar.

·        Choose ‘Configure’ from Printer Selection dialog box or Network Printer Configuration dialog box.

·        Go to ‘Configure a new printer’ option.

·        A dialog box will appear. Enter an IP address in the field provided.

·        Click OK to set the IP address.

·        Click ‘Select’ on Printer Selection dialog box or ‘Done’ on Network Printer Configuration dialog box.

·        Close the Utility

If you have any issue in Lexmark printer configuration, contact our Lexmark printer support for 24 hour assistance. Our certified professionals offer quick solutions for simple and complex printer issues.