How To Change Skype Username?

You mean you wish to change the display name in your Microsoft Skype account? Yes, you can easily change your Skype display name anytime you want.

However, if you wish to change your Skype username, well, unfortunately, there is no option to do that. In such a case you can either create a new Skype ID or you can change your display name.

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How To Setting up a Conference Call with Skype


Conference calls are a great way to have a virtual get together with friends, family and colleagues. And Skype offers one of the best conference call services. Here is a guide to connect Skype conference call on PC, iPhone and Android devices.

Skype Conference Call using PC

  • Make sure you are connected to a high speed internet connection. Group calls require high internet speed.
  • Open Skype and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the plus sign (+) in the toolbar above the ‘Contacts’ menu on left side.
  • This will start an untitled conversation on the right side panel. You can give name to the group.
  • Click on the ‘Add people’ icon at the top right corner in front of the group name. This will show your contacts.
  • Click on contacts that you want to add to the conference call. You can also type contact’s name in the search option. Skype support 25 people (including you) in a voice conference and 10 people in a video call.
  • Click on ‘Call’ or ‘Video Call’ icon to start the conference call. Skype will dial all the group members.
  • Click the red phone button to end the call.

Skype Conference Call using iPhone or iPad

  • Open Skype app on your iPhone.
  • Sign in to your Skype account.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner.
  • Add contacts to the conference group by tapping on your contacts.
  • Once you have added all the contacts, click on the ‘Call’ button at the top right corner. If you want to make a video call, tap on the video camera icon.
  • Tap the red end button to end the conference call.

Skype Conference Call using Android

  • Open Skype app in your Android device.
  • Enter your credentials to sign in to your account.
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon on the right-bottom side. This will open the call menu.
  • Click on ‘call’ icon, this will take you to contacts. Search for a contact you want to add in conference.
  • Tap call button.
  • When the call is connected to that contact, you will see ‘Add people’ button. Tap on it to add other contacts in the conference call.
  • Tap the red button to end the call.

If you find any difficult in Skype conference calling (both audio and video), report your issue to Skype support community. Alternatively, you can contact our Skype Customer Support team which is available 24 hours for all days of the year.

How to Fix Common Skype Screensharing Problems?


Screen sharing feature in Skype is considered very useful for numerous purposes. However, due to some unknown technical issues, many users are unable to share the screen and experience different problems while doing so. To get rid of such issues, it is important to ascertain the problem causing an error in Skype for screen sharing. In this post, we will discuss different problems experienced by users and provide solution accordingly.

Problem 1:  Graying of Screen Sharing Option

If you are facing the problem of Screen sharing option being grayed, then it is suggested to make sure you are into voice or video call with the person with whom you want to share the screen. If you are not in a voice or video call, you will not be able to access the screen sharing option, and thus it will be grayed out.

Problem 2: Unable to Share Screen Even After Being in a Call

In case you are in a voice or video call and the problem of screen sharing still persists, you need to make sure that you and the person with whom you are on line using the version of Skype which supports the option of screen sharing. Moreover, it is best that if you both use the latest version of Skype.

Problem 3: Screen Getting Frozen or Blank

In case the screen of your Skype or the persona you are calling is getting blank or frozen, check that you have access to enough bandwidth to enable screen sharing. Also, close all applications that may be consuming the bandwidth of your internet, and causing freezing or blank screen.

Problem 4: You Can Share Screen but the Recipient Can’t

In such situation where you are able to share the screen and the recipient isn’t, it may be the problem of using an older version of Skype which doesn’t support screen sharing feature. Ask the recipient to install the latest version of Skype.

Problem 5: Screen Appears Distorted to the Recipient

In such cases, make sure the recipient is having the latest version of Skype and also have enough bandwidth to let Skype perform to its maximum capacity.

If the above solutions don’t resolve your issues or you are facing some other kind of issues while sharing the screen in Skype, you can contact Skype customer support. Other than the Skype support, you can get in touch with us as well. Our team of experts is well-versed with Skype related issues and possesses enough skill and experience to tackle them. Our team is available round the clock, so you can ask for our assistance anytime and from anywhere. We are always just a call away from you.

Top Tips to Fix Skype Connection Issues


“Sorry, we couldn’t connect to Skype.

Please check your internet connection and try again”

This could be the most annoying message on your Skype window, the moment you wanted to make some important calls or chat. Skype has changed the way we used to converse.

It has introduced numerous features in it; you can chat, voice call, video call, file sharing and more with Skype. This all comes with a small application and a decent internet connection. Your Skype account will work on a decent bandwidth internet connection with a particular technical system requirement.

Any error with your Skype account is really annoying. When it’s some error with connecting to Skype; this could be a real pain. Such connection problems make it impossible to initiate or continue a call or conversation.

There could be a number of different reasons, we need to fix it. If you are struggling with your Skype connection you never thought to call Skype support. Don’t worry we have found solutions for you. Here we are sharing some tips to fix any connection error with Skype.

Sorry we couldn’t connect to Skype

This error can be fixed with an installation of latest Skype version. This works in most of the cases. If you have the latest version of Skype, and still getting the same error then try these tricks.

  • Check your proxy settings – When you are connected to the internet using a proxy server, then you should connect with manual configuration. This will help you to connect with Skype.
  • Change your password – Sometimes your password is incorrect or might be someone changed it, you can try changing your password to fix the error.
  • Check your firewall settings – The Windows security feature, some antivirus or may be a firewall can block you to access Skype. You can simply deactivate it for a while and get access of Skype.

Some error with your DNS settings

When some issue with your DNS settings, it will block your Skype to connect. When you receive a DNS error message, then chances are that a program might be blocking your Skype, which you installed in your computer system. You can fix it by resetting your Host file to the Windows default files. This will fix the error instantly.

Once you are done with troubleshooting of Skype errors, you should try and connect Skype once again. In most of cases, you will find the solution, but if not, then you can contact Skype Customer Support team for any help. They will guide you with the best possible solution.

Getting File Sharing Problem with Skype


The digital age has removed distances. Social media platforms and other messaging applications let you connect with your friends and family members in no time. Skype, one of such apps, lets you connect with friends and family members through chat, audio and video call.

You can share pictures and important documents with your contacts. However, sometimes file sharing feature may face glitches and not work smoothly. This post is intended to provide some basic solutions for the problem. Try them out to fix your problem.

  • First and most effective solution; update your Skype to latest version. Most of the issues get fixed when you update the app with latest version.
  • Slow internet connection is the second most common reason for slow or no file transfer. Fix your internet and try again. There can be another situation when internet connectivity is lost midway while transferring a file. Here the file transfer will resume as soon as you get back the connectivity.
  • File transfer will also be slow if you are on a Skype call and trying to share a file at the same time. Voice gets preference over file transfer. If sharing the file is your priority, you can disconnect the call and connect it anytime afterward.
  • The maximum limit for file transfer through Skype is 300 MB. Check the file size (right-click the file and select properties>General); if it exceeds the preset limit, you know the reason of your issue.
  • You can share files with only those contacts who have accepted your friend request.
  • In case you are trying to share a file that is earlier shared with any other contact, please check the date of previous transfer. Skype has a 30 day limit for shared files on conversation. You will not find the file after 30 days.
  • If you are using Skype through web browser, updating your web browser can also help.

In case, all these options don’t work to fix file sharing problem with Skype, there might be some technical issue with default application files or database.

And, it is recommended to take assistance of a knowledgeable technician while resolving such complex problems. You can contact the Skype support team or any third party Skype customer service provider.

The only key is to find the right service provider. We are dedicatedly working to provide effective solutions to users. Our satisfied client list is a reflection of our service quality. Call us on toll-free number anytime. We are available 24*7.