Common Brother Printer Errors with Solution

The Brother Printer errors are shown as alphanumeric codes. If you know what these codes imply, you can understand the problem and solve them accordingly. Do you also see an error message on your Brother Printer machine? Here is a guide covering the most common error codes and their solutions.

Error Code: Error: E50

It implies the malfunction of the fuser unit. The fuser unit is that part of the printer which gets hot and binds the print on the paper. This error means either the temperature is too hot or is not hot enough.


Switch off the printer for 5 minutes and switch it back on. Leave the machine unattended for 10 minutes without giving any command. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you need to replace the fuser unit.

Error Code: Error: E51

This indicates the malfunctioning of the laser unit. The laser unit writes the information on the drum surface. This error indicates the non-detection of a laser beam.


Switch the printer off and then on it again. If you see the error again, the laser flap is defective or the laser unit needs replacement.

Error Code: Error: E52

It implies laser motor malfunctioning. You already know what a laser unit does (explained above.) There are a spinning mirror and motor inside the laser unit that drives it. Thus, this error suggests that the motor is faulty.


Like the above two errors, this also gets resolved by power off and on. Power off and on helps us identify if the error is genuine or not. If it is genuine, the laser needs replacement.

Error Code: Error: E54

It means malfunctioning the main motor. This motor drives the main gear train which runs all printing functions.


Again switch the printer off and on it again. If the error continues, turn on the printer after removing the toner. See if the motor works. If it does, you need to buy another toner. In case you still see the error, replace the main motor.

Error Code: Error: E60

It shows that the fan is malfunctioning. There are four cooling fans in a printer and this error means a fault in one of them.


Switch the printer off and switch it on again. In case the error continues, seek help from a technical engineer to identify and replace the faulty fan.

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