How to Delete Skype Account?

delete Skype account

Skype is a useful application to carry out various professional and personal email-related tasks. Whether you want to send messages and files or need to make audio/video calls, host group calls, Skype is capable of carrying these tasks effortlessly.

While the features and functionalities of Skype are easy-to-use and effortless, however, if you didn’t find Skype useful enough for your purposes, you always have the option to close your account. To know how to terminate your Skype account, go through the instructions provided below.

5 Steps to Delete Skype Account

Before you delete your Skype account, it is suggested to consider the following points:

  • Make sure to take a backup of your important files and contacts available in your Skype account.
  • Check your Skype credit balance and make sure to consume it. You won’t be allowed to get it back once you would have closed your account.
  • Make sure to cancel the active subscription so that you are not charged for it unnecessarily.

After considering the above-mentioned points, you can easily delete your Skype account by following the instructions provided below.

NOTE: As Skype application is associated with a Microsoft account, you will need to close your Microsoft account. This means that deleting your Skype account will also remove your other Microsoft products or services like, OneDrive, Office Online, Xbox Live, etc.

1.) Go to your computer and open a supported web browser to sign in to your Microsoft Skype account.

2.) After you have signed in to your Skype account, you will need to go to the Skype account closure page.

3.) On the Skype account closure page, you will need to go through the information mentioned on this page. Then, you will need to click on the Next button.

4.) On the next page, you will be prompted with further information, which you will need to consider before terminating your Skype account. So, make sure to thoroughly read the information provided on the page and then choose a reason from the drop-down list that you thing appropriate for deleting your account.

5.) After that, you will need to click on the Mark account for the closure button. Clicking on this option will close Your account after 60 days.

NOTE: In case you wish to reactivate your Microsoft Skype account after deleting it, you will be able to do so only within 60 days of terminating your account. Post 60 days, your Skype account will be deleted permanently.

So, these are the instructions you will need to follow in order to delete your Skype account. If still not able to delete Skype account so you can contact Skype customer service number for technical support.

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