How to Fix Facebook: “There Was an Error While Posting Your Photos”

“I am posting a large photo album to a group. I have received the above message (“Post Error: There was an error while posting your photos, please try again later.”) about seven times now. I have attempted to post this album over three days. I do not know what to do now. This uploading system is complete garbage.” Wrote Trip, one Facebook user. We are sure he’s not the only one who’s encountered such an issue while uploading photos on Facebook. In this guide, we have explained the reasons and how you can get rid of the unknown error.

Things to Consider while Fixing “There Was an Error while Posting Your Photos” Issue on Facebook

Facebook has allowed its billions of users to share photos with their near and dear ones and help them cherish every moment. However, several issues show up while uploading the pictures. Since the unknown error doesn’t have a valid reason, you may wonder what’s stopping you from uploading the images.

Amongst things or causes that you should consider bringing up the issue could be the size of the photo and its dimension. You may have violated the prescribed image size or maybe, Facebook has put some limitations. Here are the top things to consider when you encounter the issue. Go through them and try fixing the problem by yourself –

Size of Image:

It is always wise to keep in mind the prescribed image size so that you won’t get an error while uploading a picture. You are likely to encounter an error if the photo is larger than 15 MB to Facebook’s Flash Uploader. When you upload a profile picture and the image is more than 4 megabytes, you will have an issue accomplishing the task. If you want Facebook shouldn’t stop you from carrying out the job, you should ensure the image size of the profile picture is not exceeding 4 megabytes.

File Type:

You cannot upload an image unless it is in a .tiff, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, or .PNG format. The social media platform restricts pictures that don’t show these file types. It restricts animated GIFs too. Likewise, you cannot upload a high-resolution photo if it exceeds the prescribed size. Having a .jpeg format is highly recommended.

The Dimension of Photo:

The photo size and format are great. So, you will think Facebook shouldn’t have any issue with it. Well, it won’t if the image dimensions are perfectly fine. That means the photo shouldn’t be wider than its recommended dimension. The length shouldn’t exceed as well. You can always resize the dimension of the photo online or using Paint. The image should be 180 pixels wide. Check the ‘Properties’ of the image to know the pixels.

Other Upload Restrictions:

You can’t just go on adding or uploading hundreds of images to a single album at a time. If you do, you will see an error. The solution is to create more than one album and upload pictures while meeting all the prescribed limits. If you are trying to upload images on your smartphone, remember that you can upload as many as one hundred pictures at once.

Keep in mind these points while uploading the images or if you have encountered an error while posting your photos on your Facebook profile.

You should reach out to the highly-trained professionals at Facebook Customer Support to avail of instant help.

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