How to Fix File Attachment Issue in Yahoo Mail Account?


Sharing files is one of the most common functions in Yahoo Mail. However, sometimes, a lot of users wonder why they are not able to attach a file to an email when they have composed and sent so many emails without any trouble in the past.

Well, there can be many reasons for this. Below are some of the reasons that might be preventing you from attaching the file with the email.

  • The size of the file is bigger than the permissible size.
  • The extension of the file is not allowed by Yahoo.
  • A new antivirus installed on your computer is blocking file attachment.
  • A firewall is interfering with the file attachment
  • Your web browser is causing the problem

In order to fix the issue, simply follow the tips mentioned below and try attaching the file again.

Tips to Fix File Attachment Issue in Yahoo Mail Account

1.) Firstly, restart your computer and check whether the problem is resolved. Restarting your computer may sometimes fix the issue by itself. If not, consider following the below tips.

2.) Make sure the file you are attaching is within the size permitted by Yahoo Mail which is 25 MB. In case you are trying to send a file of more than the size of 25 MB, consider sending it through some other means.

3.) Disable your anti-virus and firewall protection (one at a time) and check whether these programs are causing the problem. If yes then, include the Yahoo Mail in the exclusion list of the respective program to prevent them from blocking file attachment.

4.) Make sure you are using a browser that is compatible with Yahoo Mail. Also, upgrade your Web browser and check whether the problem is resolved. Disable any browser plugins or add-ons as they may also interfere with the attachment of file in the Yahoo Mail account. Switch to any other browser and check if the problem is solved.

5.) Make sure that the name of the file doesn’t contain any special characters like ~!@#$%^ as Yahoo may prevent such a file from attaching. Remove such characters from the name and try attaching the file again.

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