How to Fix Network Connectivity Issue With Lexmark Printer?


Lexmark is one of the leading printer manufacturing brands in the world, but this does not make the Lexmark Printers secure against some of the common issues that all other brand printers suffer from. One of such issues includes network connectivity error.

The problem of network connectivity in the Lexmark Printer prevents it from communicating with computers for printing jobs. The complexity of this issue lies in identifying the exact cause responsible for this problem. In order to fix this issue, you need to follow the below-mentioned guide.

4 Steps To Fix Network Connectivity Problems with Lexmark Printer

1.) It is suggested to start by performing some preliminary tests which include:

  • Ensuring that Ethernet cable is properly plugged into the port on your Lexmark printer.

  • Ensuring that network cable and connector have not tampered.

  • Ensuring that the LED of the Link is illuminated.
  • Checking that all the wireless clients are communicating on the same network or SSID.

2.) Once verified everything mentioned above, check if your printer is connected to more than one computer at the same time without using wireless networking or Ethernet. If it is, your printer will be unable to function properly as some Lexmark Printers have both parallel and USB ports and many users try to connect it with multiple computers via these ports.

3.) The problem can also arise if your printer is running low on ink, toner, and paper. The problem can also be caused if any paper jam occurs. It is best to fix this issue first and then check if the connectivity issue gets fixed automatically.

4.) Sometimes, the problem may also lie in the printer driver. Although Windows and other OS provide automatic updates for Lexmark printers, in case if it is not, you can manually install drivers from the control panel and check if the connectivity issue is fixed.

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