How to Fix the Common Printer Problems?


Printers are one of the most important assets in our lives because they serve us in many ways including homework, office work, fax, and scanning of documents. Nowadays, when your children have to get a printout for completing their homework, parents have no choice, but to have it at home.

Common Printer Problems with Its Solutions

However, printers last long and you don’t need help to fix them. Still, you may require some assistance in case of slow printing or not at all printing conditions.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the common annoying problems of printers:

Problem1: Too Slow Printing


  • Reduce print quality by selecting Print > Properties and then choose reduced quality for printing.
  • You may set the print quality from Normal to Fast Draft by clicking screenshot at right. (HP Photosmart 8450).
  • Print web pages without graphics
  • Add RAM to the printer you are using.

Problem 2: High Cost of Ink and Toner


We cannot recommend buying ink or toner from any vendors, who offer to refill at low cost, as they don’t give value for your money at all. Henceforth, we recommend you to buy higher-capacity cartridges, such that you could save upon cost. However, for a lot of printing work, you need to have a 250+ page yield ink cartridge or 2000+ page yield toner cartridge.

Problem 3: The wrong Printer Is Getting The Print Job.


We are providing instructions for Vista and Windows 7 users. Sometimes, we have seen that without any proper reason, Windows start sending printing job to another computer, which may result in a mess at times. To avoid this in Windows 7, you need to follow these instructions:

Click start > select devices > Printer > right click on the desired printer > set it as default

Thus, you get rid of the trouble and start receiving the prints from the default printer. In the case of other versions of Windows, the steps may vary a bit. So, has a look at the below screenshot for Windows 7:

If you’re using earlier versions of Windows, these steps may vary a bit.

Problem 4: Printer Is Not Printing

Solution: Let’s check out the loopholes:

  • Check for the error message
  • Warning light at the device
  • Check for paper
  • Check the ink cartridge
  • Check that USB cable is connected to the computer
  • Check connections with wi-fi
  • Check for the default printer and its status.

In this way, you can come out of the general problems of printers without any glitches and enjoy a smooth working experience!

Official Customer Care Service for Fixing Printer Issues

If you have any issues in fixing the problems, then you can call the customer care number, email, or chat to find the right solution. You can also take help from forums and blogging sites.

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