9 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Perform This Action on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is an amazing tool that connects near and dear ones and already familiar people together. When it comes to communicating with the known faces in real-time, the Messenger is simply fantastic. However, there are times when Facebook users have to deal with some technical glitches, which stop them from using the tool. While sending a message, you might have faced that you are unable to perform this action on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger: You Are Unable to Perform This Action

To get rid of the issues or, at least, to ensure the causes behind the glitch, we bring you 9 most possible reasons that might prevent you from using the Facebook Messenger tool to the fullest.

1) Network Issue:

The first that you need to check immediately if your action was not carried out on the Messenger tool is to check if there’s an Internet connectivity problem on your phone. If your data is turned off by mistake, you need to turn it on and then try again. If that’s not the case, you may go ahead and read the following points.

2) Content Issue/ Facebook Wants to Censor:

Are you trying to send something that Facebook wants to censor? It might happen sometimes but Facebook never admits monitoring your private messages.

3) Server Timed Out:

When you are unable to perform a certain action on Facebook Messenger, just wait for some time. Chances are that Facebook’s server is timed out or yours. In such cases, you have nothing to do but to wait. This should fix by itself within a few minutes.

4) Some Technical Glitch:

Even after repeated attempt if Facebook doesn’t allow you to send a message via Messenger, it could be some sort of a technical glitch. You may want to try out the web browser, access your Facebook account, and start chatting. This should work fine.

5) Tap ‘Resend’ Button If ‘Failed to Send Message’ Appears:

If you come across something like this ‘Failed to Send Message’ when you try to send a message, tap on the “Resend” button. This should work. If it doesn’t, make sure you have turned on your chat. If that doesn’t work, click here to fill in a form where you need to provide a detailed description of the issue –

What happened?

What did you expect to happen?

What you were doing when the problem occurred?

You can also add an attachment (screenshot) to make it crystal clear for the staff to come up with solutions.

6) Turn Your Chat on:

Turn your chat on if you are not able to send a message. You may like to get in touch with the staff at Facebook and report the issue.

7) Could Be Device Issue:

Is your phone hanging? If it is, you might not be able to send any message to your friend. Device error is quite common and needs to be addressed by rebooting or restarting. Get rid of the Facebook Messenger app and log in again after some time. This should fix the problem. Or, you may try another device if you have access to it.

8) Connection Error due to App Updates, Overburdened Internet Connection, or Weak or Unavailable:

It might frustrate when you want to send an important message but it fails. There could be a connection error coming up due to app updates or overburdened Internet connection or weak/ unavailable or being blocked. Here’s how you can fix the connection error –

Try and refresh. Now check!

Restart the device. Now check!

Try another device and check.

9) Receiver blocked you or deactivated His/ Her Account:

When you try to send a message to a person and fail to send the message across, the receiver may have blocked you. Or else, it is also possible that the other person has got his or her account deactivated. Yes, this can be very much possible. When the receiver is not using his/ her account, messages won’t reach him/ her. Check the account or contact the user to know the truth.

If nothing happens and the error continues to pop up, not allowing you to send a message, you may like to delete your app. You should simply uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall it. If the problem persists, resort to certified technicians. They are the industry-trained personnel who can guide you along with providing the best technical help. Just dial Facebook Customer Support Number and avail of yourself help from the experienced experts.

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  1. My Facebook message is not working i can’t send massage to nobody so what i need to do about that i miss my Facebook message on my phone temporary block preforming this action my name is Rasheedah Hawkins

  2. When I add Sara Cosgrove to the group chat on messenger it says invalid action you cannot perform that action

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