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How to Contact Skype Customer Support?

Though users have numerous options available these days to communicate with their associates, however, Skype has its unique place to engage users. The majority of users all over the world prefer Skype to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. What makes Skype a preferred communication application are its exciting features and reliable Skype customer support center. While the features include file sharing, voice call, video call, video conferencing, etc., the Skype customer support offers reliable assistance to the users through different mediums which include Help Articles, Community Forum, Live Chat, Phone Call support. If you ever experience any trouble with your Skype application, feel free to get in touch with Skype customer service for prompt resolution of your query or concern.

Most Common Skype Issues for Which Skype Customer Support Provide Prompt Assistance

As some of the issues and queries related to Skype are quite common and frequently raised by users, Skype customer support offers prompt assistance for such problems.

  • Skype Applications Keeps on Crashing when Loading: There can be different issues that can result in crashing of Skype app at the time of loading. The reason could be anything from the improper configuration of Skype, incompatible OS to virus and faulty programs or browser enhancement (in case of Skype web app).

  • Forgot Skype Account Password: Forgetting Skype password is one of the most common problems for which users seek assistance from Skype support. If you ever forget your Skype password, you can regain access to your account resetting your password. You can find the option to reset your forgotten password on the Microsoft sign-in page.

  • Unable to make a call: Poor internet connection, improper configuration, incompatible microphone/headphone, etc. are the reasons generally responsible for affecting Skype calls. If you are unable to identify the exact reasons responsible for the problem, it is best to seek assistance from Skype customer support.

  • Audio Issue: If you are experiencing an issue with the voice quality or you are unable to hear your associate, you will first need to ensure that there is no connectivity issue, external devices are connected properly, internet connection is proper, and there is no issue at the recipient’s end. If still the problem persists, it is best to contact Skype customer service experts.

  • Unable to Conduct a Video Call: If you are unable to conduct a video chat with any of your associates, it is suggested to check your internet connection, external device (camera) connectivity, your Skype is up-to-date, and there is no issue at recipient’s end. For further assistance, feel free to reach Skype customer service.

How to Contact Official Skype Customer Service?

Microsoft offers numerous ways to find assistance from Skype customer support. So, no matter the kind of issue you experience with Skype, you can use any of the following assistance options to get prompt support.

  1. Sky Help Center: For common Skype-related issues, it is suggested to seek assistance at the Skype Help Center page. Here, you can find assistance for your issue or query easily through the Help Articles. To get assistance at Sky Help Center through Help Articles, follow these steps:

    • Open Sky Help Center page on your web browser.
    • In the Contact us section, you will need to select your issue from the list.
    • Click on the relevant option in “Please be more specific” section.
    • On the next screen, a solution for the selected problem will be displayed on your screen.
    • Follow the instructions provided in the help article to overcome the problem in your Skype account.
  2. Microsoft Skype Community: Another ideal option to get assistance from Skype customer service is through the Microsoft Skype Community. At Skype community forum, users can interact with each other, post their query related to a problem they are facing in their Skype account, and provide answers to problems of the users. To know how to post a query on the Skype Help Community, follow these steps:

    • Go to the Skype Help Community page.
    • Click on the appropriate topic under Skype Topic and subtopic (optional) under Skype Sub-Topic section.
    • Next, choose the relevant option from the Platform section.
    • You will be provided a solution to your problem in the lower section of your screen.
  3. Search Help: One can also seek assistance from Skype customer support using the Search Help assistance option available at Skype Help Center page. To know how to use the Search option, follow the instructions provided below:

    • Go to the Sky Help Center page.
    • Next, you will need to enter the problem in the provided field.
    • Next, you will either need to select the topic from the auto-suggestion list when you begin typing, or press Enter once you are done entering the complete keyword in the search field and select the relevant solution from the given result.
  4. Assistance from Skype Support Through Virtual Agent: If you are unable to get required assistance using the above-given option, you can seek direct assistance from a Skype support virtual agent by following these steps:

    • Go to the Skype support virtual agent page.
    • Enter the problem you are facing in your Skype account in the prompted field.
    • Then, you will need to press the Enter key, you will get a reply from the virtual agent.
    • After that, just follow the instructions recommended by the virtual agent to overcome the problem in your Skype account.
  5. Check the Skype Status: As the problem could be on Skype’s end as well, it is, therefore, necessary to verify the status of Skype. Below are the steps to check Skype status.

    • Go to the Skype Status page on your browser.
    • Once you are on the Skype Status page, go through the status of the different functions displayed on the screen.
    • If there is a Green color right tick next to each service, it means that Skype is functioning normally.
    • However, if there is any other sign than Green Tick Mark next to a Skype’s service, it is recommended to wait until the issue gets fixed.
  6. Microsoft Customer Care Phone Number: If you wish to seek assistance from Microsoft about your Skype problem, you can call on the following Microsoft Customer care number to get prompt assistance.


    • (800) 642 7676
    • (800) 892 5234 (TTY)


    • 877 568 2495
    • 905 568 0434
    • 800 892 5234 (TTY)

So, these are the various assistance options that you can use to get help from Skype customer support to fix an issue in your Skype account.


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